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a journey through my eyes

I started my journey as a skincare blogger back in 2017 and honestly... I had no idea what I was doing. Walking into the beauty industry with no prior knowledge was overwhelming, but it taught me a lot over time about PR, influencer marketing, and of course....how to take good care of your skin! In 2018, I transitioned into fashion & lifestyle and have loved it ever since! Skincare was fresh and very informative, but I wanted to share so much more than just my daily skincare routine. Hey It's Linds The Blog is now a place for you to explore my travel experiences and read more about my take on the beauty & fashion industries. 

My story is still evolving and I am thrilled to have you join me on this journey! If you are someone who looks forward to reading my posts, I highly suggest you subcribe down below! 



A Little Bit About My Journey

5 Fun Facts To Get To Know Me Better

1) I was born & raised in Santa Cruz, California ​

2) I work at two local shops - Cotton & Rye and Hip & Chick Organiks 

3) I aspire to be an Interior Designer 

5) I happen to be addicted to coffee...it seriously is my fuel ;) 

4) I don't like bread or anything bread-like! I have always hated it, even when I was a baby