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7 Skincare Tips + Tricks To Up Your Skincare Routine

Skincare tips + tricks that will help you look flawless naturally...

1) Use A Roller

If you're on social media, I am 99% sure you have seen them! Using an Ice Roller and Jade Roller in your everyday skincare routine is highly recommended. Both are great options and have many benefits for the skin (down below)! On of my favorite things to do before using either my Ice or Jade roller is pop it in the fridge/freezer and it is so refreshing!

Jade Roller:

The Jade roller I am currently using was purchased from Hip & Chick's Organiks ($20) which if you haven't already stumbled across, I highly recommend you check out! Hip & Chick Organiks is a local bath, body and home line as well as a retail shop on Pleasure Point! They always have Jade rollers in stock which can be purchased at the shop or through social media ;)

What I love about Jade rollers is that it is a natural stone and it is a lot smaller than your average ice roller which is very beneficial when using for the under-eye area. Jade rollers help with facial massage and lymphatic drainage. A few of their other benefits include:

- decrease swelling + puffiness - helps removed toxins in the face, jawline and lymph nodes - fights fine lines + wrinkles - helps with product penetration - can help with headaches when used on the temple!

Ice Roller:

The Ice Roller I use is from another amazing natural skincare line, Roses N Rosé ($22). I purchased mine not to long ago so I am still testing it out and getting used to it, but I love it! It's skin benefits include:

- reduces appearance of pores - calms puffiness, redness and inflammation - helps contour -

The two rollers are very similar in their purposes/skin benefits, but an Ice Roller is a little different because of the size difference and material. I love and recommend them both, but if you were going to choose one, I would probably recommend the Jade Roller first because it is a lot smaller and easier to get around the face with.

2) Keep Your Product Cold

This tip is definitely not a MUST, but I personally love putting on cold, refreshing products. Keeping products like your cleanser (gel is best), serums or face masks in the fridge beforehand just makes the process a little more awakening and cooling. Something that I added to my collection was the Cooluli Mini Fridge that I purchased at Urban Outfitters (LINK).

Cooluli Mini Fridge -

I love this mini fridge for my skincare products because it is small, not super bulky, and it fits my serums, under-eye gels, face masks and more! It comes with a shelf on the door and a removable shelf inside. This mini fridge is multi-purpose and can be hot or cold. According to Cooluli, it can be used for skincare/beauty, drinks, breast milk

3) Stay Hydrated

#3 is an obvious skincare tip, but is something that a lot of people tend to forget about... including me! Drinking water is so beneficial for your body and healthy, glowing skin. Not only does drinking water help remove those toxins built up, it also leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant.

If you're someone who forgets to drink water all the time, I have included a few tips that help remind me:

- Have water next to your bed so wake up and it's already there! - try infused water (Pinterest has so many great infused water recipes. One of my favorite go-to's is mint + berries) - purchase a cute new water bottle that you'll want to use! -

4) Mask Weekly

I am an absolute face mask lover. I love so many and have tried many more so down below I have linked a few of my favorites that I 100% recommend for everyone!

Masking weekly has become a significant part of my skincare routine and some weeks I even mask 2-3 times! It is great self-care practice because you're able to take some time for yourself and just relax for a few minutes, but it also has great skincare benefits. I recommend that you have 3-4 different face masks on hand so you can really tend to your skins need. The great thing about masking weekly is that once (or a few times) a week you're giving your skin a deeper cleanse that is truly going to remove all the toxins and dirt or if you're using a lighter, nourishing mask you're giving it a great boost!

Klei Beauty | Clay Mask | - Nourish, Clairfy & Brighten

Urban Outfitters | Sheet Mask | - Rose Gold, Gold & Charcoal

Selia & Co | Clay Mask | - Green Tea, Rose & Lavender

Roses N Rosé | Clay Mask | - Sea Clay

5) Be Aware Of Your Eating Habits

The saying "you are what you eat" is so true. When it comes to skincare, everything that touches your skin or your body takes in, can and most likely will affect it. If you're looking for clear, healthy skin, I definitely recommend you try bringing in some of the foods down below to your daily or weekly eating habits!

- Blueberries - Avocados - Dark Chocolate - Green Tea - Kale - Carrots - Coffee - Watermelon - Walnuts - Tomatoes - Broccoli -


6) Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is so important for your skin. Not only does sunscreen prevent your skin from getting sunburnt, but it also helps prevent skin cancer, keeps complexion even, helps protect against the visible signs of premature aging and helps skin appear more radiant.

I am someone who doesn't like thick, heavy product on my face...especially when it comes to sunscreen. I have tried many different kinds and the only one that I have come across and absolutely loved was Sundaze SPF 30 Broad Spectrum. It is a daily mineral sunscreen with vitamin C, rose hip oil, green tea extracts, and licorice extracts to sooth and even the skin. I love this daily sunscreen because it is light and leaves my skin feeling dewy and hydrated.

7) Use Silk Pillowcases

This tip is a little bit extra, but totally helps with hair & skin! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help your skin stay healthy, smooth and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. This blog post is about skincare, but silk pillowcases are also known to keep bed-head under control and reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends!


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