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8 Things You Can Do To Up Your Instagram Game

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

1) Create A Business Account

If you're not familiar with Instagram or the options it has for digital creators & businesses, you may be wondering what difference a "Business Account" makes. A Business Account allows businesses and creators to track valuable insights on how their content is being received. These insights are crucial when it comes to creating content and what the audience wants.

Another advantage to switching to a business or creator account is the ability to link contact information. Instagram has made it easier for users to contact businesses or other users by linking contact information (email, phone number, address) in the bio, instead of forcing them to visit the website and scroll through everything.

2) Create Quality Content "Quality Over Quantity"

Something I have noticed recently is small businesses in the mindset of posting an excessive number of photos just for the sake of having content up. Although show casing your work or services is important, it is more important to showcase them well rather than rushed. I always tell clients of mine "quality over quantity". Don't just showcase what your business does, showcase HOW you do it and WHY your ideal client should engage or purchase what you offer. Your ideal customer should feel like they want to reach out or try your product.

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

Are you using hashtags? If not, now is the time to GET ON IT! Hashtags are a great way to gain brand awareness whether you're a small business or creator. Although they can sometimes be a pain to type after each post, they have the ability to bring in new business and get your name out there! Do you know what that means? MORE ORGANIC FOLLOWERS. Hashtags bring in users who are interested in the same content. For example, if I post #girlboss, the users coming from that hashtag are going to be interested in connecting (following) with other girl bosses.

4) Engage With Existing Followers

Who here spends most of their time engaging with potential new followers? Although that is also very important and something we will touch base on in a minute, you should know that engaging with your current followers is just as important!

The reason why they followed you in the first place was because they felt some kind of connection or relation to either the content you create or your personality. Continuing to connect with them and build that relationship will in return, create loyal followers who want to share your content with other people, recommend your service and ultimately see you succeed.

5) Engage With Potential Followers

This one is obvious and I'm sure you're probably thinking "come on Lindsey, this is common sense". The reason why I wanted to mention it is because I feel a lot of users have the wrong idea when it comes to how often engaging with potential followers is needed. So many people I have talked to have this idea that you need to be on Instagram 24/7. They believe the only way they're going to get results is if they're engaging as much as possible. Although it doesn't hurt your account when you're engaging all day, it hurts your mental health. You DO NOT need to be on Instagram 24/7. Instead of trying to engage sporadically throughout the day, try devoting an hour each day to your Instagram. Spend 30 minutes engaging with your current followers and 30 minutes engaging with potential followers.

(P.S. Use the 3/1 rule -3 likes and 1 GENUINE comment. This lets users know that you're paying attention to their content and actually care about what they're posting.)

6) Invest In Personal Branding

Have you invested in personal branding? Now is a great time to start! This goes for all users - creators, entrepreneurs and businesses. When Britney and I announced our podcast, we found a creative design studio/entrepreneur based in New York, New York, @ESM.Creative. Emma has now helped develop our podcast cover + logo, my logo and website icons for Hey It's Linds Photography and is currently working on a third project with me.

I'm not going to lie, at first I didn't really see the need for personal branding (like logo), but truth be told, it can make you look 10x more professional. Having a branding suite curated for your brand shows potential customers and followers that you're a legit business.

(P.S. If you're looking to work with a creative/branding studio, I highly recommend Emma. Like I mentioned above, Emma has worked with me on multiple projects and never fails to amaze me)

7) Network. Network. Network.

Networking isn't a topic I talk about much on here, but I definitely plan on changing that! I have found networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives not only fun & inspiring, but also great for business! Think about it. If you're both posting about one another and you're both in the same niche, this could mean potential new customers + followers for both of you. Not to mention, a new relationship with someone who understands & can relate to similar things as you. I mean...could it get any better?

Another plus to networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs is being able to help each other. We're all different in our own ways and all have different views on things. Sometimes those extra eyes and opinions can do your business a great deal! #CommunityOverCompetition


Speaking of networking and building a community...I hope you have found these tips helpful and look forward to hearing about how it has helped your Instagram game. Have tips of your own? Feel free to comment down below!

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