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Mels Diner Shoot With @MRoseGallery

Happy Saturday! If you haven't already noticed, when I relaunched the blog, I decided to include "Modeling" as a section. I had been debating it for a long time because I wasn't sure how will the category would do. However, since about 50% of my following on Instagram is photographers and/or models, I decided to include it!

Here, I will share my modeling experiences, tips & tricks and the final product from shoots!

To start the section off, I wanted to begin with my most recent shoot with @MRoseGallery :) Madison and I worked together a few months back when she came to visit Santa Cruz while working to build her portfolio. At our first shoot, we shot all along Santa Cruz & West Cliff starting at the West Cliff Inn and later moving to the wharf, boardwalk and downtown area. At the last shoot, we decided to shoot in Mels Original Diner in Brentwood, California.

The Adventure

As much as I would love to say everything went as planned, I can't. This was a semi planned/last minute shoot and because it's just a typical diner, I didn't think to call and ask for photography permission. When we arrived at the Mels in the Streets of Brentwood, we were kindly greeted by a young employee. After seating us, we pulled out our camera and asked the girl if we were allowed to shoot inside. She kindly said, "yes, of course!" and then started asking what the shoot was for. After talking further with her, we began figuring out location, camera settings, etc. During this time, I had been waiting to order a milkshake (to use as a prop), but unfortunately, the staff didn't even come to take our order. As soon as we began to shoot, the same employee who greeted us came over to let us know that her manager was actually not okay with us shooting inside. Next thing you know, were at a whole other diner. Unfortunately, it was way too dark inside for the content we we're hoping to shoot so onto the next diner we went. Finally, we ended up in Antioch at the Mels Diner over there-- which was way bigger and better so ended up being perfect-- and we shot for as much time as we could!

It was quite the adventure; however, it was such a fun shoot and I loved catching up with Madison!

The Final Product


About The Photographer

"I have lived in Brentwood my whole life, (in the same house too!) so i have become very sentimental with this town and house even though it's changing a lot around me. I always had an interest in photography and cameras, but I never got one until my first semester in college when I signed up for an elective photography course. I was taking it purely for the credits thinking it would be fairly easy and fun. I bought the first cheap camera I could find on amazon and I became super excited. I started taking my camera everywhere to the point where it was obnoxious. I had just fallen in love with taking photos of anything and everything. Ever since I have become a photographer, my life has drastically changed. I have gotten my creativity back, I have met awesome people which helped me realize my old friends were stunting my growth not helping me prosper. I can go on and on... photography has changed my life in so many ways I just love it!!! Lots of things inspire me, pinterest, other photographers/models, walking around in nature/vacations inspire me... I think it just sparks excitement and joy in me which helps me to get more creative and inspired with my photos... Lindsey inspires me too because she's so successful at such a young age she makes me want to do even more with my time and energy even though I already work myself too hard hahaha.. you rock Lindsey!!! My goals for this coming year are to meet more awesome people in the photography/modeling community that support me and want me to do good, as well as to better my real estate photography business and wedding photography business. I have been slacking on those a bit and I want to better them in order to have my foot in many doors in case one form of photography doesn't work out for me."


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